We all get used to wearing masks in our lives, so we can blend in with the crowd.”

📚 We warmly recommend you the book “L’Epouse d’Amman”, (Arabic title : عروس عمّان, English title : The Bride of Amman), written by Jordanian author Fadi Zaghmout in 2012 and translated this year in French.

👉 Best-selling book in Jordan, this book has been the subject of much controversy but has not been censored.

🔥 “In this book, humor and sadness mix in an explosive cocktail that takes the reader into a reflection on the condition of women and homosexuals in the Arab world. Four young women and a young man speak in turn in the story, their voices alternating to tell the dramas they have been through.”

This book is published in French by @asiatheque .

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