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Alamut, fortress of the Assassins in Iran

For more than 150 years, from the 11th to the 13th century, a politico-religious group settled in the north of Iran, in a network of impregnable fortresses, fought against the foreign hold of the Turks established throughout the region. Called Assassins, Ismailis, Nizarites, heretics or hashishins, these dissidents of Shi’ism managed, despite their small numbers, …


Book #5

The Shâhnâmeh, or « Book of Kings« , is the founding narrative of Iranian culture. This epic poem in Persian, attributed to the poet Ferdowsi, is said to have been written in the early 11th century. Both mythical and historical, the epic of the Shâhnâmeh retraces the history of Iran, from the creation of the world to …


The photographic series « Persian Blue Gardens of the sun » by Henry Clarke, Vogue 1969

In December 1969, the fashion magazine Vogue publishes a wonderful series of photographs taken by Henry Clarke, the famous American fashion photographer. In this series, he photographs fashion under the Iranian sun, in majestic settings full of history. The models and actresses Marisa Berenson, Lauren Hutton and Cynthia Korman are the big stars posing in ancient …


Book #3

Un de nos livres favoris : « Désorientale » par l’auteur franco-iranienne Negar Djavadi, publié en 2016. « But the truth of memory is strange, isn’t it ? Our memories select, eliminate, exaggerate, minimize, glorify, denigrate. They create their own versions of events and serve up their own reality. Disparate, but cohesive. Imperfect yet sincere. »

Patrimoine Photographie

La série photographique « Persian Blue Gardens of the sun » par Henry Clarke, Vogue 1969

En décembre 1969, le magazine de mode Vogue publie une série merveilleuse de photographies réalisées par Henry Clarke, le célèbre photographe de mode américain. Dans cette série, il photographie la mode sous le soleil de l’Iran, dans des décors majestueux et chargés d’histoire. Les modèles et actrices Marisa Berenson, Lauren Hutton, ainsi que Cynthia Korman sont …